Thursday, December 09, 2010

I keep this moment by and by...

I love Christmas. It's such a joyful time.
It makes me happy to see people trying to spread love and joy.
I love being with my family and friends.
I love thinking about the first Christmas.
I love the music.

This is kind of a melancholy thing to write about, but I am so overwhelmed by this one song, that I have to share it.

Wintersong, by Sarah McLachlin has such a profound effect on me.
I can still remember the first time I heard it, a year after my Grandpa Hiatt died.
I was listening to Sarah's new Christmas cd while I was putting up the Christmas tree.
The song started and I got chills, and as I listened I sat there
on the living room floor and sobbed.

The melody is beautiful. The message is sad, but so beautiful.
I couldn't help but think of my Grandpa.

I envisioned Grandma and Grandpa together in their younger days, and all of the Christmases they shared together.
I thought of my sweet Grandma and
how much she missed my Grandpa - how much we ALL miss him.
The further it went into the song, the harder I cried, and then...
...I couldn't help but smile.
As cheesy as it sounds, I feel like the spirit of my Grandpa touched me that day.
It was a moment I cherish.

It was so hard to lose Grandpa so close to Christmas. It still makes me sad, and I miss him so much...

...but I think in many ways it was a gift.
When Christmas comes we all miss him.
But we are reminded of how much he loved us, and how lucky we are to have each other.

I love my family. I love Christmas.
I love this song:

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Jenna and Daniel said...

That is a beautiful song. Thanks for posting it, I had never heard it. You are not allowed to post things like this though. Or at least warn people that it will be sentimental, and maybe make pregnant women cry.

I was telling Daniel the other day I wish that I could have gotten to know Grandpa Hiatt more. I was only in the family for 6 months before he was gone. I enjoy the memories shared though. How hard it must be to say goodbye to someone like him.