Thursday, April 28, 2011

Who knew outhouses could be so exciting?

(This is really an exciting thing, even if it sounds a little weird.)

Cameron has a good friend named Andrew, who is attending grad school in Norway. Andrew has become very involved in humanitarian work, specifically water and sanitation, and he came up with an idea for an outhouse design that is very sanitary and uses existing materials to build. It's an awesome idea, and would be ideal in a place like Haiti, where there are lots of people who need a place to...well...go.

But awesome ideas need $$ to get off the ground. Andrew applied for a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to get this project going. He hired Cameron to draw some plans for the proposal.

It was announced today that Andrew was awarded the grant! And Cameron's drawings are used on the website!

This is a project that is definitely going to make a difference in the world. Cameron is honored and excited to be involved.

So, check out the website and take a look at the drawings, and read the blurb about the project.