Friday, June 29, 2007

On breathing

So...I haven't blogged for a year. How sad. I never could keep a journal, and apparently I can't keep a blog.
Dad's 60! We're just glad he made it through the first part of this year. He's been in ICU twice with this crazy mystery lung illness. We finally have a diagnosis: Saccular Bronchiectasis. Basically, that means that he has an irreversible lung disease similar to cystic fibrosis with a touch of emphysema. He'll probably not die prematurely, but he'll be on medications to control phlegm and fluid build up, and wheezing. It's interesting, because Dad's brother, Tim, died at age 16 from Cystic fibrosis. So he's carrying some mutated form of the gene.
Kami brought Abbey and Megan to see my at work today. That was a fun little treat.
Cam and I are going to move furniture and clean up the patio tomorrow. Then I think we'll go and try to find a place in the mountains where there is room to fish.