Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Fire

"The world is on fire, it's more than I can handle." So says Sarah McLachlan, and I agree. My lungs can't handle it at least. I can't breathe! I wish people would quit being stupid and starting wildfires and burning Utah to the ground. Then I would stop coughing, the sky would be blue, and I would stop bitching about fires.
It's so eerily quiet here in the land of OAS, with people being out on vacation after the holiday. I need to go outside and run around the building or something...but wait, I can't breathe. And it's a million degrees, so I would get sweaty. So we can't do that. I'll just sit here in my cube and drowse and type.
Saw Transformers and License to Wed. Loved the robots. Hated the other.
I dreamed there was a moose in my bedroom. Also that Robin Williams was trying to be my priest. I don't know which was creepier. Probably the big, hairy comedian.