Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Pie, Pie, me oh my!

Here I am, finally blogging the Kanab adventure weekend.

Cam and I drove to Kanab to meet Max and Sharon (my delightful and fun in-laws) after work on Friday, the 15th of Feb. I hate the drive to Kanab after dark...mainly because it's such a pretty drive, at least for the last hour or two. I hate to miss it.

Saturday was our shooting/shopping day. Max has been working on building his very own gun. It's a big gun. It's shiny and black, a semi-automatic something-or-other...and Saturday would bring the inaugural shot. I was originally not excited to go to the range to shoot the gun. Guns have always made me quite nervous ( I know, how can I be my father's child and not like shooting guns?? It's amazing!) and I was kind of scared to be there for the first shot. I mean, he built it himself. It's never been shot before. What if it blows up? I tried to convince everyone else to leave me to shopping in the metropolis that is downtown Kanab. You shoot guns, I'll spend money. It's always worked for me. Anyway, they convinced me that I had to be there to witness the first shot. I have to say, it was pretty cool. After about 15 minutes of trying to convince me that I should shoot the gun, I finally said, "Ok. Fine." And now...

Yes, it's true, I was born to shoot. I had a little bit too much fun blowing up soda cans. I am good. I am my father's daughter after all. (disclaimer: this was not my first gun shooting experience. I did kill a few prairie dogs at the ranch in New Mexico. I couldn't help it. They made me...and it was a really whimpy rifle. Not like Max's shiny, pretty, semi-automatic baby.)

After the giddy shooting Sharon and I left the boys to watch basketball at the hotel and we checked out some shops in Kanab. I found a darling little antique shop, next to a fabulous designer yarn shop.

Saturday night brought steak and a yeehaw good ole time in Fredonia, AZ. Them country folk sure does know how to cook a mean fillet mignon.

Sunday we checked out Coral Pink Sand Dunes. I have never been there, and I'm glad we chose winter. We had a lovely safari over and around the dunes. Snow mixed with pink sand and blue sky sure makes for a pretty picture (even though you can't see any snow or blue sky in this photo of my darling in-laws).

After our desert adventure we had a nice winter picnic. Top Ramen for all! Cam had fun. You can see in his eyes how much he loves picnics (I slay me).

After the desert safari we took some random and mud puddle filled dirt road through a gorgeous canyon and ended up in Colorado City. Having never driven through town we decided to take a driving tour. Colorado City and Hilldale were like ghost towns on this gorgeous, sunny Sunday afternoon. It was kinda creepy. I wonder if it's that way all the time? Anyway, as we were driving out of down to hit the highway, we saw two girls on a four wheeler. That made me feel better.

We looped back to Kanab through Zion National Park, which is pretty cool in the winter, especially that day. The red cliffs, the blue sky, and the snow made everything so much more beautiful. I love it.

At Mt. Caramel junction, we were delighted to eat at the Thunderbird Restaurant, Home of the Ho-Made Pies. Ho-made. Not Home-made. Ho-Made. Apparently they are quite proud of their hos, and the pies they make. As they should be. The hot apple pie with buttered rum sauce was a little slice o' heaven. So good, in fact, that on our way home on Monday, we stopped in for another slice of the Ho-Made delight.

I got to choose our route home on Monday, so, of couse, I chose Highway 12. It is my favorite highway. EVER. I don't know many people who have a favorite highway. But I have mine. And it should be your favorite, too. It's beautiful. On highway 12 we saw a bald eagle, about a million elk, about two million deer, a bunch of wild turkeys, and...a camel. I kid you not. Some dude in Torrey has a camel, and they were out for a walk on Monday afternoon. I am sad that I coudn't take a picture. We were going too fast and there was really no place to turn around.

We stopped and took a pleasant sand and snow filled hike along the Escalante River to break up the drive. It was very nice. So pretty. And pleasantly warm.

Or chilly, as it was while we were in the shade with the snow.

When we hit Bicknell, we had to stop at the Sunglow Cafe because we heard they have good pies. I heard about it from Kerry and Bill, so I knew it must be true. We had a nice little dinner and shared a pie sampler featuring Pinto Bean Pie(oh...my...WORD! SO GOOD! I swear, it tastes like pecan pie.), Sweet Pickle Pie (oh man, YUMMY!) , Buttermilk Pie (mmm mmmm!!), and Oatmeal Pie (tastes like oatmeal cookie dough. Delish!). I don't know how I have managed to miss that place on all of my many ventures to that neck of the woods. I will not be so foolish as to miss it again.

Anyway, that's what we did, what we saw, and what we ate.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend update

Wow...it's been a while. I was thinking that I would use the excuse that it's because we're boring, but then I started thinking about my week, and it was definitely not boring. It was quite busy.

Monday-Cam and I got to go to our first Jazz game of the season. (Last season we got to see 5. I used to work with the PR lady who would give out unused tickets to the company's 15th row seats. Since starting my new job I don't work with her anymore. Dang.) Anyway, the Jazz played New Orleans and kicked @ss...it was a lot of fun. I love the energy at the ESA. I also love that I have turned my darling husband into a sports fan during our wonderful 3 year marriage.

Wednesday- While watching the Jazz defeat the Nuggest in a nail-biter, Cam nearly jumped off of the couch when Williams made his 3 point bucket in the final moments of the game. I love it...it makes me happy when my quiet, calm husband goes beserk while watching a basketball game on t.v.

Friday-Riverdance. Yes, Riverdance. I have made fun of this phenomenon for as long as I can remember. Who ever heard of a bunch of pansies trying their darndest to keep their upper bodies from moving at all while their feet go bananas? We went on a double date with my in-laws and Buffy (her date was inconveniently a world away. So it was a double date plus one). I have to admit...Riverdance is one of the coolest things I have seen or heard. There was a live band and they were amazing.

Saturday-Janica and David's wedding. The wedding was beautiful. The reception was madness. Mama, Aunt Chris, Stacy and I were assigned to the kitchen. Kitchen duty for 7 freaking hours! Trying to keep kids out of a punch fountain is a joke. Keeping eclair cake out of the carpet when said kids are hauling it all around the reception hall, equally not amusing. Let's not forget to mention the ants that took quite a liking to the wedding cake. At least I had good company and lots of DDP. Much love to Jani and Dave. Best of luck to you!

Next week: Going to Kanab. Hooray for long weekends.