Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On Holiday

I wondered when I started this thing if I would keep up with it. Now I know that the answer is a definite no. I try.
I am the only person working on the 2nd floor today. I've checked. Just me and the crickets and all of the interviews I should be transcribing.
Christmas was merry and festive. Cam and I spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve with Gramma Hiatt, and the early evening with Joey and her family eating creme brulee and chatting about stuff. I wore a $3000 fur vest for kicks. It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. But now I can say that I've worn a $3000 fur vest. After the evening with the Andersons, we went to Tom and Kathy's for the annual Kelley family Christmas Eve thingy. Then we had a sleep over at Mom and Dad K's house. That was fun. Opened gifts, ate breakfast and ran back home to Orem to Mom and Dad W's house because Jakey called from Argentina. It's always good to talk to Jakey. What a kid. A while later Russ called from Iraq. Cam talked to him for a bit. He was preparing to roll out on a mission. What a way to spend Christmas...although, I guess it wasn't Christmas anymore in Iraq. Had fun playing with Kaylie and Brandon, eating ribs and sweet potatoes, and then playing cards like usual.
And now I shall return to work.