Friday, January 28, 2011

I just have to say... I'm sitting here watching my sweetie cook dinner (ahem, t-bone steaks with a some kind of pan sauce involving garlic, onions, mushrooms, and bacon. HELLO!), and thinking back on the lovely hour or so I spent eating sushi and visiting with friends today, I just had this realization that, you know, I am a very lucky lady.

(And very good at writing very long sentences.)


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Looking forward

It's that time of year again. Time for the dreaded resolutions.
You know...those things I never keep?
So this year I am going about this a little differently.

I talked to my Grandma one night last week and she was telling me about Grandpa's sister, Renee, and how Grandma remembers that every day Renee made a list of things she wanted to accomplish. They could be big or small things. Then you cross them off throughout the day. No matter how trivial your task list might be, you get the satisfaction of crossing off each item.
Grandma decided that she is going to start making her list every morning when she first wakes up. When all of her "chores" done for the day, then she can read a book, or watch a movie, or do whatever she wants for the rest of the day. I decided I really liked this idea, so I told Grandma that we would start this New Year's Resolution goal together.

So, my New Year's Resolution is this: every morning I will make a list of at least 5 things that need to be done that day. Then, when my chores are done, I can do whatever else strikes my fancy.

I am really hopeful that this will help make all of the big things that I need to get done seem more manageable, since I can break them down into smaller tasks on paper and tackle them on a smaller scale.

Part 2 of my New Year's Resolution comes from my pal Jaala. She chooses one word that will be her resolution for the year. It is a word that encompasses everything she wants to accomplish for the year. So I'm going to this, too.

My word for the year is: Today

I am the queen of putting things off until tomorrow. Doesn't matter what it is. I'll fold that laundry tomorrow. I'll do the dishes tomorrow. I'll scrub the shower tomorrow. I'll work on my scrapbooks tomorrow. Etc, etc, ad nauseum. Well, no more!
We're 5 days in, and I've completed 3 lists and only put a few things off until tomorrow.
It can only get better, right?

Happy New Year!