Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On Holiday

I wondered when I started this thing if I would keep up with it. Now I know that the answer is a definite no. I try.
I am the only person working on the 2nd floor today. I've checked. Just me and the crickets and all of the interviews I should be transcribing.
Christmas was merry and festive. Cam and I spent the afternoon of Christmas Eve with Gramma Hiatt, and the early evening with Joey and her family eating creme brulee and chatting about stuff. I wore a $3000 fur vest for kicks. It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen. But now I can say that I've worn a $3000 fur vest. After the evening with the Andersons, we went to Tom and Kathy's for the annual Kelley family Christmas Eve thingy. Then we had a sleep over at Mom and Dad K's house. That was fun. Opened gifts, ate breakfast and ran back home to Orem to Mom and Dad W's house because Jakey called from Argentina. It's always good to talk to Jakey. What a kid. A while later Russ called from Iraq. Cam talked to him for a bit. He was preparing to roll out on a mission. What a way to spend Christmas...although, I guess it wasn't Christmas anymore in Iraq. Had fun playing with Kaylie and Brandon, eating ribs and sweet potatoes, and then playing cards like usual.
And now I shall return to work.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

On Coasting

It's been a while...I'm not very good at this, really.

A lot has happened since July. I have a new job. I'm the Administrative Assistant to the Distributor Success Process (DSP) Team. It was slow getting started, but it's busied up...I should actually be transcribing interviews instead of blogging, but whatever.

In August Cam and I went with Max and Sharon, Grandma and Grandpa Davis, and Ted, Debora, Calen and Jeffrey to Oregon. We stayed in Astoria and explored the coast and...
I AM IN LOVE! It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Green beyond description. Clean air. Rivers and Ocean. Mist and rain and sunshine. We had so much fun that one day I want to live there. I'll be a real Goonie!

Joey came to visit in August. We ate creme brulee and drove to Heber and took pictures of sunburned rednecks hiking by waterfalls. I'll post pics of that later.

Ross came to visit last week. It was fun to see him. Can't wait to make it to England one day. Cam's got a year left of school, so hopefully soon after. We've got so many places to go. NYC, England, Ireland, Canada...(squawk)

Russ is in Iraq, which is weird. I hate to think about him being there even though he is a tough, brave Marine. I pay closer attention to the news nowadays. He'll be all right.

Cam, Pat and I are going to see Collective Soul tonight at the Great Saltaire. Good music, should be fun.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

On Fire

"The world is on fire, it's more than I can handle." So says Sarah McLachlan, and I agree. My lungs can't handle it at least. I can't breathe! I wish people would quit being stupid and starting wildfires and burning Utah to the ground. Then I would stop coughing, the sky would be blue, and I would stop bitching about fires.
It's so eerily quiet here in the land of OAS, with people being out on vacation after the holiday. I need to go outside and run around the building or something...but wait, I can't breathe. And it's a million degrees, so I would get sweaty. So we can't do that. I'll just sit here in my cube and drowse and type.
Saw Transformers and License to Wed. Loved the robots. Hated the other.
I dreamed there was a moose in my bedroom. Also that Robin Williams was trying to be my priest. I don't know which was creepier. Probably the big, hairy comedian.

Friday, June 29, 2007

On breathing

So...I haven't blogged for a year. How sad. I never could keep a journal, and apparently I can't keep a blog.
Dad's 60! We're just glad he made it through the first part of this year. He's been in ICU twice with this crazy mystery lung illness. We finally have a diagnosis: Saccular Bronchiectasis. Basically, that means that he has an irreversible lung disease similar to cystic fibrosis with a touch of emphysema. He'll probably not die prematurely, but he'll be on medications to control phlegm and fluid build up, and wheezing. It's interesting, because Dad's brother, Tim, died at age 16 from Cystic fibrosis. So he's carrying some mutated form of the gene.
Kami brought Abbey and Megan to see my at work today. That was a fun little treat.
Cam and I are going to move furniture and clean up the patio tomorrow. Then I think we'll go and try to find a place in the mountains where there is room to fish.